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Dynamic Duo

Lovelidge, Shawn

Dynamic Duo

They call each other Lucy and Ethel. Whether they're chatting at board meetings, co-hosting USA Dance events, or swinging around at ballroom dance clubs, Diane Montgomery and Betsy Lee are always together, and they're always laughing. Two years ago, Betsy Lee, a member of the USA Dance Dallas board, wanted to create an event that would be different from the typical social dance. To pull off something new and exciting, she needed dependable people to help organize; that's when she found Diane Montgomery.

Betsy knew Diane from the chapter dances and noticed she was "always smiling and cheerful"; Betsy persuaded Diane to commit to volunteering with the board, but even now she is grateful. "Diane is a lovable person. It takes special people to donate the time". Together, with the help of a diligent board and volunteers, they planned the Art and Soul of Ballroom Dancing. What began as the "seed of a dream" attracted hundreds of attendees. The team was able to bring in ballroom champions JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicld, along with local professionals.

After all the hours dedicated to organizing, Diane and Betsy looked at each other and realized the dream had become reality. With tears in their eyes, they wondered what they were going to do now. The pair has been working together with USA Dance Dallas ever since, a chapter that has expanded from 190 to 235 members. "We're like a family; everyone loves each other" said Betsy. Diane and Betsy became inseparable friends in and outside of USA Dance, communicating with each other every day through phone calls, e-mails, or texting. It's a brainstorming session that never stops. "It was through our association of working on things for USA Dance that at some point we just became joined at the hip" said Diane. They spend time with each other on holidays, birthdays, and shopping expeditions.

Dynamic Duo

The two don't always agree, but they realize their strengths play off each other. They bring unique skills from their professional backgrounds: Diane has marketing know-how and Betsy has budgeting expertise. "With Betsy I feel like it's one of those fortunate partnerships where you are working and associating with someone whose styles and strengths mesh with yours' commented Diane. Although Diane and Betsy have different personalities, they are both passionate about one thing—dance. It's what brought them together. "We just can't stop dancing"; said Betsy." Play some music in front of us and we'll move our bodies like crazy". Diane admits that every idea doesn't always work out perfectly. That's why they became Lucy and Ethel. "When you're trying to do a variety of things, you're going to flub up". Still, they laugh at each other and have fun. "I guess the most important part is we genuinely like each other on and off the dance floor" said Diane. "I think that's what makes the whole thing work".